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SipWell water free trial

SipWell water


SipWell water is refreshing water with the same quality as spring water. The water has a soft taste and is very suitable for daily use. SipWell water is a responsible choice. For everyone, from adults to children, for expectant mothers, young children and people on special diets.

A water cooler for everyone


SipWell has a large range of water coolers. Would you like to know which water cooler best suits your situation? Allow yourself to be inspired by the many possibilities. Or would you prefer individual advice? Just ring or email us. With our experience, we can help you make the right choice. 

Taste nature


The SipWell springs are to be found at a depth of around 40 metres. Our water is purified and filtered naturally through fine layers of sand. Then our state-of-the-art installations ensure the perfect mineral balance. Our story may sound a bit high tech, but it is a story we are proud of.

Just as cool as our water

It was my daughter’s birthday recently. She wanted to invite half of her class, so I quickly ordered more water. Four extra bottles were delivered within 48 hours!

Mireille Dechamps

We enjoy SipWell water at home every day. The designer water cooler doesn’t just look good in our open kitchen, but thanks to its refreshing water, our children drink more healthily and more regularly.

Inge Govaert

Last week, I wasn’t in because I had an important meeting. Luckily, the SipWell driver left the water outside my door. He even left a note with his phone number in case I had any questions. That is what I call service!

Peter de Smet