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Water and coffee

Sip-Well at home?

Sip-Well at the office?

Belmoca, a diamond in your cup. Experience sensual espresso.

Recently, Sip-Well became the exclusive distributor for Belmoca in Belgium.

The Belmoca experience

Belmoca took the best espresso technology available, and improved it. They collected the cream of the industry's designers and made an espresso machine that pours out liquid luxury.

They travelled the globe in search of the finest coffee. They spent two whole years just testing it; in the end, they selected five perfect flavours. Only five. These five burst onto their taste buds; all the others paled in comparison.

They developed a diamond-shaped aluminium coffee capsule and filled it with 20% more coffee, to make each cupful taste even more intense. They even created a latte capsule, so that your espresso machine can make the perfect cappuccino, just for you ...

Ask your free TRIAL PACKAGE and discover the ultimate espresso at home or at the office + gift box (24 capsules) for € 8,90 (incl. btw) to taste all flavours!


As the leader of the Belgian water cooler market, it's our job and our responsibility to provide fresh water of the highest quality, every single day, as well as our delicious, low-mineral-content crystal-clear water, and the premium quality 3M Cuno water filter.

The numbers speak for themselves: more than two million Belgians drink Sip-Well crystal-clear water every single day; together, they drink about 20 million litres of Sip-Well crystal-clear water each year! Water is our passion; your health is our priority.

Our premium Sip-Well crystal-clear water comes in two bottle sizes:

  • The small, 10-litre bottle (2.64 gallons) The most ergonomic water cooler bottle Thanks to its unique shape, handy built-in handle and light weight of only 10.6 kg, changing bottles is child's play. The 10-litre bottle fits perfectly into all our water coolers.
  • The large, 18.9-litre bottle (5 gallons) The standard water cooler bottle For many years, this has been the standard bottle size. The 5 gallon water capacity makes this bottle ideal for large-scale users.

Premium water coolers for your HOME or OFFICE

Sip-Well has decades of experience, making it the leading water cooler specialist in Belgium. Our comprehensive range means we have a water cooler to suit everyone. No matter how much or how little water you use, there's a Sip-Well water cooler which is perfect for you. Whether it's a tap water cooler or a bottled water cooler, you'll always have refreshing and delicious water at your fingertips. Our water coolers can be rented, bought or leased - the choice is yours. And everything you need will be delivered to your home or office.

Drinking enough water has never been so easy ... or so healthy. Water is our core business.