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  • Info about Covid-19

    SipWell is and will remain operational! Your next waterdelivery will just continue as planned. You do not have to worry about your water deliveries or stock, we will take care of that!

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  • Our hygiene measures

    We would like to emphasize once again the hygiene measures that SipWell respects for all customers for more than 25 years, day in, day out. For example the water bottles are checked, cleaned, filled and hermetically sealed without any human intervention. Your water supplier is the only person who touches the bottles during water delivery. In addition, our people trained to handle these bottles with care and apply the necessary hand hygiene before and after every water delivery.


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Why choose SipWell?

  • Health

    Every day, SipWell bottles high-quality water straight from its very own sources. Not only is our water delicious and well-balanced, thanks to the low residual content of 130 mg/L, but we also perform strict quality control tests on our water. These tests are performed by both in-house and external laboratories, guaranteeing that SipWell water is the perfect drink for everyone!

  • Service

    When you run a company it is a priority to cut out excessive administrative tasks and provide the best solution to your staff and clients. SipWell is happy to take all those hassles over from you – frequent deliveries, collecting the empty bottles, maintaining and repairing your watercooler and ofcourse after sales-support. We’re always at your service!

  • Ecology

    It goes without saying that SipWell water is sustainable, and even our bottles are environmentally-friendly as they are made of high-quality recyclable materials. We reuse our bottles almost 60 times before they are replaced, thus ensuring that we too play our part in helping the planet.

  • Stylish savings

    Ensuring that your staff has water to drink can entail significant costs. At SipWell the watercooler, delivery, collection of empty bottles and technical support are all incorporated into a single subscription price. On top of that, a watercooler is tax deductible. And that’s an excellent deal, isn’t it?

  • Design

    The look & feel of both our watercoolers and our bottles are the most crucial aspect of the design process and all our products are of excellent technological quality. Our watercoolers can dispense hot or cold water and sparkling or still water or a combination of these options. SipWell always has an appliance to suit your business!


  • Water coolers SipWell testimonial

    Reynders LP


    "SipWell has unique design watercoolers that fit perfectly within our company atmosphere."
  • Water coolers SipWell testimonial

    Elewijt Center


    “SipWell offers us an efficient way to provide customers with delicious fresh water!"
  • Water coolers SipWell testimonial

    Physical therapist Dirk Devos


    "Thanks to SipWell we get the well-deserved water break as well for me as for my patients!"
  • Water coolers SipWell testimonial

    Denk IT


    "SipWell always offers fresh and delicious water to my employees and customers during working hours."

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