Climate and environment are themes that can no longer be ignored from our society. You may also wonder whether a company like SipWell is environmentally friendly. Don’t worry! We can say with a clear conscience that we do indeed contribute to mother nature. How, is probably your next question.

During a delivery we pick up your empty bottles of water each time. What happens next? Well, they go back to our headquarters where they are refilled with our delicious water of source quality. That way they do not end up on the big waste heap. This process happens completely automatically. When our machines detect a broken bottle, it is removed from the system. But those bottles do not end up in the blue bag either. They are simply recycled into new bottles.

We do not only recycle our bottles, but also our water coolers. A broken water cooler does not end up on the scrap but is offered a new life. We call this “refurbished”. The cooler gets new parts from other water coolers. We do not immediately purchase brand new machines and like that we are consciously engaged in our waste production. The difference with a brand new water cooler? You do not even notice due to our strict controls!

And what about the plastic cups? We do not obligate anyone to order them. You can also drink our water from a glass or from our own drinking bottles that you can order via the our Sip Shop. And for all customers who still want a disposable cup, we do have cardboard cups. They are hip, better resistant to the heat and also environment friendly!


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