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SipWell is the market leader in water coolers, but actually we do much more than the supply of water (coolers). We offer a wide range of service and comfort. Customer is king at SipWell!

And speaking about customers, our customer service is always ready to answer all kinds of questions. Through this website you can also find everything yourself on your personal platform. Looking for your next delivery date? Check your outstanding balance? Or even plan an order? All is possible!

Do you prefer to discuss everything with our customer service? We are available 24/7 thanks to our investment in an automatic service line (IVR). Want to check your outstanding invoices at 3 o’clock in the morning? Yes, you can!

With our free application you can view all our services and products wherever you want, whenever you want. Does your watercooler no longer provide sparkling water? Just get your smartphone out of your pocket and you have the solution in a single swipe!

Even when we do a water delivery, we don’t just ‘deliver’ your water, we do much more! To begin with, we arrive on a fixed day that we arrange upfront with each customer and that periodically (1-2-4-8-12 weeks). You will receive an SMS or e-mail two days in advance as a kind reminder and of course a digital delivery note when we leave. You also usually have a fixed water supplier who also has all the technical knowledge about your cooler. Do you have questions about the operational side of the watercooler? Your water supplier can solve that in no time!

Yearly your water supplier checks your entire watercooler and replaces all the parts that come into contact with the water. You should not worry about your empty bottles either, because we take this with us when we are leaving. In our headquarters we refill all bottles at least 60 times so that we contribute our bit to the environment.



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