Our water


Do you sometimes wonder where the SipWell water comes from? Well, SipWell water is water of source quality.


With great care, the water is extracted from four strongly protected accesses. These sources are located under the SipWell Company building, at 42 meters depth.

The water that flows under our buildings is protected by massive layers of heavy Bartoon clay and is supplied by aquifer fine sand layers. These sand layers of the “Wemmel-Lede-Aquifer” have been cleansing water from the source for more than hundreds of years.




Lightly mineralized water

After extraction, the water is checked, filtered and purified to a balanced and slightly mineralized SipWell water.

We opt for a stable content of lime and magnesium that is also low in nitrates and salt. In this way we can offer a nice water, suitable for all ages (dry residue * 130 mg / L).

*What is dry residue? Dry residue is that what is left when you allow a liter of water to evaporate at 180 degrees.




Professional laboratories

All checks are done daily by internal and external laboratories.

Since we attach great importance to hygiene at SipWell, it is important that all processes within the company are checked on a regular basis. Only after approval based on our internal analysis, the produced bottles are released and ready for use.

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