Standing still is going backwards. That is why we, at SipWell, make major investments to improve the comfort to the customer. We therefore have some principles that we do not deviate from. A customer service as clear as our own water, punctual deliveries with attention to the wishes of the customer and provision of information as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Punctual deliveries

We can proudly say that 99% of our deliveries are on time. We do not get such a nice figure by itself, but through our Roadnet program. It took not only money, but also time to teach employees how to work with it. A time-consuming labor, but one that was certainly worthwhile.

Check your data everywhere

Want to check your outstanding invoices at 3 o’clock in the morning? Yes, you can! And even in three different ways! A telephone call to our telephone lines outside office hours will take you to our automatic service line (IVR). But the free app in your pocket also provides a lot of information. Finally, our website was also given a new look and this time with a full operating customer zone.

Customer communication

To fully optimize our after-sales service, we invested in several new technologies. A new automatic telephone system was needed to keep in touch with customers in an efficient manner. Our website was also made a whole lot more user friendly with its own chat function and personal customer zone. If you read this, you have apparently already found your way to it!

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