The bottling process



SipWell does everything in-house: from water extraction to bottling of our own bottles. Thanks to the most modern bottling installation in Europe, this process is done in a simple way. The SipWell filling line can fill 1 200 bottles per hour with water. We are talking about almost 23000 liters of water per hour.

The SipWell bottles are stacked, picked up and delivered in large racks. Through our sophisticated bottle robot, the bottles are automatically placed on the bottling line. The transport line brings the bottles to the first part of the filling process, called the control and prewash. All bottles undergo a process of solid wash with biodegradable detergents. Before that each bottle is separately checked for leaks. A small amount of O3 (Ozone) is injected into the water each time to disinfect and control it for the last time. This gas, which is also in the air, evaporates within 24 hours.

Every part of the bottling process is part of the “hyper-hygienic” chain. For example, the “sniffer” and the “decapper” automatically prevent bottles from entering the process when customers have used them for other liquids or when they have a defect. After these strict checks, each bottle is again thoroughly cleaned and literally prepped for delicious and crystal clear SipWell water.

Afterwards the bottles are filled and the caps are automatically placed on the bottles. The date and the batch number are then also printed on the cap. In this way all SipWell bottles are reused and refilled up to 60 times. By using the bottle robot the bottling process becomes a lot more hygienic. This avoids human and physical manipulation and scores even higher with regard to food safety and hygiene. The robot is electronically controlled. Using technologically strong sensors, the robot recognizes the dimensions of our metal racks, so that the right bottles (10L or 18.9L) slide into the right racks. Only in this way we can perfectly follow the speed of loading and unloading.

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