Water facts


Water, an extremely fascinating natural phenomenon, which is much more than just a raw material. It regulates the temperature of the earth and is therefore an important player in our ecosystem. It is also one of the few raw materials that can occur in three different forms: liquid, ice and gas. How is the water distribution on earth? 97% of all water on earth comes from the ocean. And did you know that only 1% of the water supply in the world is suitable as drinking water?

But we can’t live without it: the human body consists for more than 60% of water, and our brains and heart even out of 73%. In other words, it is an indispensable asset for mankind and the environment. It’s therefore important that we use it consciously!

Talking about drinking water: to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you should drink 1,5 L per day. That way you drink a small SipWell bottle on your own in a week. That sounds a lot, but our cardboard SipWell cups have eight check boxes. If you reuse your cup eight times, you will also get there. Handy and more ecological than to take a new cup every time!

That water is of great use, according to the energy sector. Hydropower is the most important energy source in the world and has also been known for centuries. In Belgium we do not have countless mountains but certainly sufficient heights to use hydropower as a source of energy. Hydraulic energy is based on the simple movements of water (waterfalls, waves, tides, dams). This generated energy can be used directly with the help of hydraulic turbines that produce power and provide machines with energy. In Belgium, hydropower is particularly strongly represented in Wallonia. The 118 hydropower plants count for 83% of our energy production. One of the most famous hydroelectric power stations called Coo-Trois-Ponts is not far from the known waterfalls of Coo.

Thanks to SipWell, you get your water bottle right on your doorstep. But there are still 884 million people who do not have access to drinking water. A consequence of this is that 18 million children can’t go to school, instead, they are always on the road with pitchers. That number is much too high in this modern era, that’s why we made large investments in developing countries to get that number down. Because accessible water is a basic right!

Did you know that one person drinks an average of 75,000 liters of water in his life? Cheers!