Big constructions at SipWell for our customers!


Major construction works started at the SipWell site. We are drilling two new wells to pump up our water to meet the rising demand of our customers. Today is World Soil Day, the ideal opportunity to explain more about our water and where it comes from.

To start with, the water from SipWell is water of source quality. The soil under our main building is extremely important for the bottling of our water. At a depth of 42m lies the source from which we pump up our water. The water that flows under our buildings is protected by massive layers of heavy Bartoon clay / ‘Boom’ clay and is supplied by fine aquifere sand layers.

These sand layers of the “Wemmel-Lede-Aquifer” have been purifying the water from the spring that originates in the Hageland for more than hundreds of years. The water is extracted with great care from four highly protected entrances. After extraction, the water is checked, filtered and purified to our well-balanced and slightly mineralized SipWell-water that everyone knows.

The SipWell water has is an ecological process. We bottle our water ourselves and reuse used bottles. The lifespan of a SipWell bottle is around 60 refills. Is the bottle no longer usable? Then we recycle them into new ones. The bottling itself is also ecological.

For this, we use the most modern bottling installation. There is no human factor involved in the process and no drop of water is wasted in this efficient process. This allows us to apply high hygienic standards for bottling. Our internal and external lab carries out extensive tests to guarantee the taste. The cleaning product that we use to clean the recycled bottles is made of biodegradable material.

This summer we noticed that it was difficult to keep up with the demand for our water. Hence the decision to dig new wells for more water. The works have already started and will last until the end of December. An investment that we are happy to make for our customers!

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