How do I replace a water bottle with care for my back?

sipwell ergonomisch

SipWell stands for comfort. No more dragging around with heavy, polluting plastic bottles from the super market. That’s what we promise. And deliver! Of course, the bottles occasionally run empty and then they have to be replaced. 10 or 18.9 liters, you don’t just lift it. Here are some tips to replace the water bottle in a “back-friendly” way.

Bend your knees

The first tip is a very important one: bend your knees to lift them. Many people bend over and keep their legs straight when lifting. This way you overload your back as opposed to your legs. Your leg muscles are three times as powerful as the muscles in your back. So it’s time to use them!

Place the weight between your feet

Put your feet around the water bottle when you lift them. That way you keep the weight within the support surface of your feet. Another advice for the feet: keep them flat on the floor. Above we recommend bending your knees. When bending your heels should not get off the ground. Is that not possible? Place one foot a little more to the back, the other foot remains completely flat next to the bottle.

Keep your back straight

If you want to lift, keep your back as straight as possible, although that is an ironic sayinge. A straight back has three curves: hollow in the lower back, round between the shoulder blades and hollow in the neck. It is the same position that weightlifters use because this way you will burden your back the least.

Turn with your whole body

Until now you have followed all tips and there you are with your bottle in your hand. Time to turn a quarter and place it on the water cooler. You will probably have a tendency to just turn your back, but that again causes an overload. Turn your feet instead and so your whole body turns with it. Don’t forget to remove the sticker from the bottle!