Inauguration of our new forklifts


The forklift prevails in the SipWell warehouse. They drive around all the time and create order among the thousands of SipWell bottles. It is therefore important that the forklifts are of good quality and safe. We at SipWell, thought it was time for new forklifts. That also deserved a solemn inauguration.

Quite an upgrade

The new forklifts have a lot of new gadgets to make everything more safely and efficiently. They have blue guidelines that makes driving in reverse easier. The fork can be adjusted effortlessly with just a few levers. They also have a door to better protect the operator of the Truck. Karlien, our Fleet Manager, is happy to tell you more about it. “The forklifts are much more sensitive and that’s something our warehouse staff will have to get used to. We will soon start the testing phase in which they will learn how to handle them. ”

An official moment

The four brand new forklifts were neatly parked and were adorned with a beautiful blue SipWell ribbon. General manager Peter Henderickx, together with our Supply Chain Manager and our Fleet Manager, cut the ribbon. The forklift trucks were then allowed to be put into use.

What about the old ones?

Broken water coolers are recycled and therefore do not end up as trash, and that is also the case for our forklifts. “We currently have eight forklifts. We are going to take these apart and assemble four new forklifts. The remaining pieces will serve as spare parts, “says our Fleet Manager. This way, our depots will also be provided with new forklifts.


Would you like to drive with our new forklifts? We are currently looking for an Operator (M / V) with a forklift certificate. You can apply via Find out more about this vacancy here.

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