Microplastics in our water – should we be worried?

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The word plastic can no longer be removed from the media. Which is understandable. The ocean is full of plastic. And apparently we also get that plastic on our plates and in our glasses of water. Is there a reason to be worried?

What are microplastics?

This is plastic that is broken down into small particles and has a maximum size of 5 mm. Microbeads are pieces of plastic that the manufacturer puts into cosmetics and hygiene products, like toothpaste. These small pieces of plastic pose a danger to our oceans and their inhabitants.

In our drinking water

According to The World Health Organization (WHO) we should not be worried. The current amount of microplastics is not absorbed by our body. However, if we continue to pollute the ocean, this limit may be exceeded. So we are not that far… yet. Consuming consciously and more research is wat needs to be done.

And what about SipWell?

We pick up the empty bottles from our customers because we refill them. Our bottles have a life cycle of 60 refills. And after that? We simply recycle them into new bottles. And our water is highly controlled by both internal and external laboratories. So you can enjoy our SipWell water with a clear conscience. As clear as our water.

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