Startled by your tap water?

In the beginning of July 2019, news stations have revealed that three Brussels police offices have been drinking poisonous tap water for years. Water research has shown that the amount of lead content has been exceeded. And Lead is anything but healthy. Also startled by this news? Read the consequences below, but especially: what you can do about it!

Too much lead, is that so bad?

The cause of this water pollution is the lead pipes in your home or office. Today, lead pipes are no longer used in the construction of houses. But this can still occur in buildings that were built before 1970. If the maximum standard is exceeded for a long time, health problems may occur. It is especially dangerous for pregnant women and children. It could disturb the nerve system for example.

How to test?

It is important to learn to recognize lead pipes. First check the year of construction of your building. Was it built before 1970? Then it’s best to check your pipes. Lead pipes are gray, while copper has a red, brown or light green color. Can you stick a magnet on the tubes? Then lead is out of the question.

Oops, I still have lead pipes

We offer the solution! With a SipWell water cooler you are always safe and it is also less expensive than having your pipes replaced. Our Belgian source-quality water is checked every hour by both internal and external laboratories. As a result, we obtained various certificates so that we can say with certainty that you can trust our water. Moreover, it is always cooled, great for those hot days! Take the sparkling water or hot water as option to complete the experience!

What you should definitely avoid

While waiting for your SipWell water cooler to be delivered, there are a number of things to look out for. Do not drink tap water that has stood still for too long. So after your vacation or in the morning when you wake up, let the tap run for several minutes. Hot water increases the chance of loose lead particles in the water. Therefore, do not make coffee or tea from tap water.

Time to drink water without worrying? Click here for more information about our water coolers!

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