Vive la Belgique with SipWell!


Oh dear Belgium, oh holy land of waters… or how did the lyrics go again? Anyway, that’s how we sing it at SipWell. As a 100% Belgian company, we are proud of our country, the flag and our soil. Today we are happy to explain what that means for SipWell.

Our Belgian history

SipWell was founded in 1993, named as Sip-Spring was a reference to our source. Although three years later we decided to change it to the well-known SipWell, together with the opening of our branch in Puurs. We had 10 employees, a big contrast to the 150 employees of today.

Our Belgian soil

In our early years, we decided to purchase our water from a manufacturer. We soon realized that if we wanted to guarantee quality, we had to bottle our own water. And meanwhile we work 42m every day above our water sources in Londerzeel. We bottle 25 million liters of Belgian water a year and with both internal and external quality controls, you can taste our hard work.

Our Belgian market

SipWell can only be found in Belgium, a purely Belgian company that also only wants to focus on the Belgian market to guarantee the best quality. And so we have become the leader in the water cooler market. We placed 40,000 water coolers in both large companies and small families. That way 1/15 Belgians drink SipWell water every day!

Are you celebrating the national holiday today? Tap yourself a fresh glass of water and sing the Brabançonne until the early hours! Cheers!

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