Why are there no prices on the website?

You may have already wondered, why can’t I find prices anywhere online? And those who ask for prices on our social media will receive a private message. What does it say? The answer is actually simple: we work with customized offers and that only has benefits for the future customer and for us. Let us explain why in this blog post.

Because we work with customized offers, we therefore do not put prices on the site. Anyone who asks on Facebook about the costs will receive a message in which we ask for contact details. A bit suspicious about giving your personal data? We fully understand that. An e-mail address is also enough to receive your offer. Know that you can always unsubscribe from our emails and that once you are no longer interested, we will no longer contact you.

Why we do this, is probably your next question. Simple, the price depends a lot on your needs and demands. Of course we have a fixed price per cooler, but this decreases per cooler that you take. Furthermore, choosing the cooler is also something that you must discuss with one of our people. This way you can be sure that you have the right cooler for your situation (read the blog post here about the differences between our coolers). Then there is also your water consumption. We can help you with that assessment.

Thanks to our customized offers you do not have to calculate all those steps yourself. You will receive an overview of all costs from us, fully adapted to your situation. You come in contact with our advisors who can help you choose your formula. Best of all? We do this for free and without obligation. You can also enjoy great promotions!

Interested? Let us know!

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