5 tips to make your child drink more water

2 Min Read

“Whatever I try, however often I offer that glass of water, nothing changes. My child only wants to drink fruit juice and soda, but never water.”

Does this sound familiar to you? No worries, the following tips are real lifesavers!

  • Make sure that water is always available. With your own drinking bottle, your sweetheart always has water nearby.
  • When you choose a drinking bottle, go for that one with his favorite superhero or her favorite cartoon.
  • For example, add strawberries or raspberries to pimp your water.
  • Give your child independence. Children like to learn new things, they want to be ‘big’ and do a lot themselves. With a SipWell water cooler, children can pour water themselves so that they automatically drink more.
  • Perhaps the least liked tip for your children: limiting the options. Is there no soft drink or fruit juice in the house? Then water it is.

Good luck!

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