A clear head with clear water!


You look at your watch and calculate how many more hours you have to sit at work. You quickly check social media. Oh look, a bird flies by. On some days your concentration at work seems to be lost. A possible explanation is dehydration. Let us explain what that means.

Those are just extreme cases, right?

Not quite. You are dehydrated faster than you think! A British study shows that our body expresses the symptom “thirst” in response to dehydration. Another symptom of dehydration is dark urine. The more transparent, the better hydrated you are. And what consequences can dehydration have?

Slower responsiveness

As of the results of dehydration, your reaction capacity will be much slower. Even the smallest form of dehydration has adverse effects. This can have a serious impact when you’re driving. Drivers who have not drunk enough water make twice as many mistakes in a two-hour trip than drivers who drank enough water or had a bottle of water in the car.

Poorer concentration and cognitive abilities

In addition to a slower reaction, the concentration also deteriorates sharply with a shortage of water. Mild dehydration (1% – 3% of body weight) can already affect a person’s mood, concentration and cognitive ability. For young women, a fluid loss of 1.5% after exercise can already lead to a worse mood, a reduced concentration and a higher risk of headaches. Boys of the same age experience a mild impact in terms of memory and a negative feeling of insecurity and fatigue.

Just to be sure, make a little walk to the water cooler, right now!

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