Stay young? Drink water!


A beautiful face and a trained body, you have to invest time into that. Applying a cream, staying away from the snacks, or working out in the gym … One of the factors for maintaining your hard work is to drink water. What would you look like if you didn’t drink enough water?

Older skin
The human body consists of approximately 60% of water. In the absence of hydration, the skin becomes drier and shrinks with very small amounts. Due to a lack of water, the skin appears to age faster and wrinkles become more visible. People who often walk in the sun or lay on the tanning bed too often get these symptoms even more quickly. Excessive heat literally “evaporates” the moisture in the skin.

More difficult diets
Research by the American National Institute of Public Health shows that those who drink a glass or two before each meal eat smaller portions. Up to 90 calories less. The brain often turns a feeling of thirst into a feeling of hunger. As a result, you will eat more than is necessary. Moreover, the extra calories are more difficult to burn due to a slower metabolism, which is due to insufficient hydration.

Less performance in fitness
Physical efforts can also quickly suffer from a poor moisture balance. A mild dehydration of 2% causes a decrease of 10% in physical performance. Moreover, every effort also feels a lot heavier, which in turn has a demotivating effect on the mood. Good hydration can also prevent nagging muscle pains.

Hop! To the water cooler!
In short, those who want to stay young and beautiful must drink a lot of water. One way to make it easier for you is with a water cooler at home or at the office. Because seeing water is drinking water. Check our water coolers here.

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