What does sugar do to your body?

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In short: it gives you energy. A completely sugar-free diet does not exist because it is everywhere. And good, because we can not do without sugar. It allows us to participate in all daily activities. But we quickly reach ‘too much sugar’ per day. Soft drinks, sweets or snacks, it is not always easy to stay away from it. But what does that do to your body now?

In general

Sugar gives you energy, but also requires energy. So you will feel fitter when you swallow added sugars in snacks and drinks. Too much sugar is not good for your cholesterol. Who wants to delete diets best as first sugar from his diet because you will quickly. Of course your body needs sugar, but the surplus or what you take too much, stores your body as a reserve.

For the brain: addictive?

It is sometimes said that sugar is addictive, but is that right? Well, it is not entirely incorrect. When taking sugar, make dopamine in your brain. That is a substance that we also call the reward substance. It gives a feeling of happiness and is triggered by, for example, sugar, but also if we are in love or if we win a competition. In a certain sense you can also call it addictive, even if it is still something other than drugs or alcohol.

Should I be afraid of diabetes?

To begin with, sugar is not a direct cause for diabetes type 2, also called diabetes. So you can enjoy something with a clear conscience. But those who eat too much, come and that increases your risk of the disease. It is especially important to eat varied and pay attention to your weight.

In short …

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