Do you want to offer your customers and employees quality water?


  • Our deposit system works just like in stores. We charge a deposit for every bottle that we deliver and when we pick them up again, you will receive this back on your next invoice. Thanks to this system, we get more bottles back so we can recycle more bottles. And that’s good for the environment!

  • Our watercoolers are valuable appliances. To guarantee that we get them back in good condition, a guarantee is required. When you return your watercooler in good condition at the end of your contract, you will receive your deposit back. This is done via your last invoice.

  • Yes, they must be connected to the electricity to guarantee cold water.

  • Yes, SipWell offers a great assortment of watercoolers, some of them with function hot water. You can find all the watercoolers via the Sip Shop. 

  • SipWell water is mineral water of source quality.

    SipWell has the NSF certificate.

    NSF or The Public Health and Safety Organization is a leading global provider of health and safety-based solutions and risk management.

    The NSF logo stands on all products tested by NSF and IBWA and meets all standard public health requirements. This logo is appreciated by consumers, companies and retailers around the world.

  • If we say that SipWell is a home-grown company, you can take it literally. We get our water from the ground under our company site. It is water of source quality and suitable for all ages.

  • A watercooler is actually meaningful for everyone, regardless of water consumption. Do you drink a lot already and are you tired of dragging bottles? Or do you drink too little and do you just want to be motivated to drink more? Maybe you have small children at home and do you want them to drink enough every day? Don’t like the taste of your tap water? In short, there are countless reasons to place a SipWell watercooler in your interior.

  • Dry residue is what remains after you evaporate a liter of water  at 180 ° C. The maximum amount to still speak of quality water is 300 mg / l. The dry residue of the SipWell water is 130 mg / liter.

  • No, a watercooler may not stand next to a heat source and not in direct sunlight. There must also be a power socket to connect the cooler to. Popular locations: the kitchen, the living room or a corner in the office.

  • Of course! SipWell has beautiful designer watercoolers in attractive and trendy colours that fit in any interior, be it the living room or kitchen. Click here to view our assortment for private individuals.

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